Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Just finished this drawing - at last!  Took a while longer than I had anticipated but I am pleased with the results.  All done with a trusty Staedtler Mars Lumograph 3B pencil (for all you artist supply geeks!)  Am definitely pleased that I completed this with the photographic reference, because I believe it really helped me to describe a strong light source much better than if I had laboured over this in front of the subject, and I was much more able to really focus on the forms of the plants, rather than roughly sketch them.

I think that these drawings are artworks in their own right, but I am still really looking forward to receiving my wood carving book in the post and contemplating portraying this drawing in a wood relief.  I'd really like to spend some time thinking of a good title for this but for now it shall remain 'Flower Study'.  It's on my website here:

I am relieved to have found a frame in my studio which will accommodate the drawing so it won't get crushed within a week....providing no one drives their bulldozer over the frame!

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