Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Woodcut print and drawing finished today!

Just finished a couple of works on paper - at last the woodcut print has got printed.  I have used Old Holland paints mixed in with block printing medium, using a palette I might use for a painting, paired down.  Because it was the first attempt I didn't want to be too careful or precious about it, so kind of slapped the paint on fairly randomly, with the exception of the Rose Dore on the roses.  What do you think of the first attempt?  I am going to be asking everyone what they think so please let me know!  It's the only way I might be able to make these prints better!

Having another look at it though, I am pleased with the results as a first attempt. Decorative, simple, strong design, a nice palette, and the subtle results you achieve with a woodcut are lovely, the grain shows through in areas.  All round satisfied and can't wait to give it another go.

Secondly, finally finished another drawing, which looks like this, according to my ipod.  A proper photo will be snapped for the website proper this evening, or tomorrow.  Again, any thoughts are warmly received! This one may be looked at again tomorrow just to make sure I am happy with the overall tonality of the piece, but I do like the shadows and interplay of light and dark in this drawing.

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  1. Lisa it's so great to see your work in your blog, whether it's drawing, printing or a painting expedition to the Lee Valley!

    James K.