Monday, 9 July 2012

Opportunity for Painters and/or Sculptors - Artist's Residency/Colony in Serbia

I have been asked to find an English artist to attend this year's 'Artist's Colony' at Poganovo Monastery in Serbia.  I went to this in 2006 and know all about it so if you wish to have more information please email me!

The monastery is on the Bulgarian/Serbian border, situated among wonderful nature - stunning mountains and very pretty streams etc.  It is a haven for artists who like to work in peaceful surroundings.  The deal is that your accommodation and food is paid for and you get to stay in a village house within walking distance to the monastery.  You are expected to go to the monastery each day and paint - most art materials are available there but you may wish to bring some of your own paints and brushes.  It is asked that in return for food and accommodation that you leave 2 pieces of work that you have completed during your time at Poganovo, which they will keep for the village gallery's collection.  I had an amazing time at Poganovo and really really recommend this to anyone who is free and has a spare £200 for the flight to either Sofia or Belgrade!

Please get in touch before 13th July to express interest - sorry for the short notice!!

More information on Poganovo is here:

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  1. Sorry I forgot to mention dates! 1st-10th august.. You will be with a dozen or so other artists!